Ryan Folden, drummer for legendary Italian metal band Lacuna Coil, has provided us with a series of videos demonstrating grooves and sharing tips on how to play songs. In this second installment, he takes you through the live version of “Zombies” which is performed differently than the record. Ryan says, “Over the course of touring and playing the song hundreds of times it is slightly different live than on the record. The bridge pattern demonstrated in the video is what well call the “live version”. The record offers a simpler held-back pattern on the drums. There’s a Spotify playlist of the tune at the end of this

Ryan’s Current Touring Rig

  • Masters Of Maple 12″, 14″, 16″, 22″ with black broken glass finish
  • Masters Of Maple 14 x 6.5 stainless steel snare
  • Paiste Signature 14″ hats, 20″ full crash, 18″ crash, with 8″ and 10″ splashes
  • Paiste 2002 16″ and 18″ Chinas with a 20″ power ride
  • Promark hickory 747 wood tip sticks
  • Evans G2 coated heads on all the toms with a “Super Tough” snare head and a 2-ply Emad on the kick drum
  • DW-9000 pedals