Evans Drumheads is fueled by innovation. The company has a long history of introducing or expanding new ideas to the fairly straightforward world of drumhead design. Evans bills itself as the producer of “the most technologically advanced drumheads on Earth”, and with a quick review of even just its recent history, it’s easy to see why.

Now, Evans is putting that commitment to innovation at the forefront of its branding with fresh new packaging designed to inform drummers about the specific technologies used in each head, making it easier to quickly find and select the right skins for their sets.

Evans’ re-imagined packaging includes a three-tiered series of model-type graphics that the company is calling the Icon System. With designations for number of plies, treatment (coating, UV1, etc.), and additional features like Dry, Hydraulic, and more, the Icon System makes it even easier to identify what’s the box and how it will sound.

Head boxes will also include a full legend for the Icon System so drummers can quickly learn the language while also getting a little bit more insight into all the options available to them in the Evans catalog.

And don’t worry, you’ll still find the same heads you’ve come to know and love inside those boxes. The Folks at Evans are just making it a little easier to get your shopping done.

Drummers will begin seeing the new Icon System-based packaging in October of this year. To help introduce the theme, Evans has already started rolling out a series of delightfully high-tech videos (see preview above) to help introduce the idea and further cement the company’s commitment to technological advancement in the minds of viewers.